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Live Ardently

July 27, 2017


My vision as a family photographer is to celebrate what it means to be a family. By that, I mean really embracing all aspects of it for better or worse and artfully documenting it. This is why newborn sessions are my favorite. Thanks to the likes of sleep deprivation, they’re honest and humbling, yet still ooze of newness and love. Throw in a curious, precocious older sibling and things get very entertaining, but they juggled it all with laughter and lots of deep breaths.


Gather strength from the beauty of your chaos.

I’ve always been fascinated by people; my B.S. is in anthropology. I appointed myself the family documentarian, taking photos of our travels and milestones. I soon realized how much I love visual storytelling. I picked up my first serious camera when my daughter was born, knowing those early years with her were precious and ever-changing. Around that time, a photographer friend’s encouragement led me to pursue photography professionally. Now many years and some very proud accomplishments into this career, my passion for it only grows.

I can’t imagine doing anything else.