Meet Carmen

Real life is more than pretty pictures. The beauty is in the whole, both the good and the messy. And it is absolutely worth documenting, all of it.

Photography is deeply personal—and that's what makes me want to pick up my camera.

The most rewarding part about what I do is the connection I make with each family I meet. We share a unique journey of real moments together, and being invited into those intimate spaces is an honor for me.

I make photographs + films of real life for real families, like yours.

About Me

Real life is more than pretty pictures.
The beauty is in the journey, and it's absolutely
worth documenting all of it. 

I’m captivated by people and always have been; my B.S. is in anthropology. Early on, I appointed myself the family documentarian, carefully recording milestones and travels and learning along the way how much I love visual storytelling. I picked up my first professional camera when my daughter was born, knowing those early years with her were precious and full of changes. A photographer friend’s encouragement soon led me to make photography my career. Today, after many years and proud accomplishments, my passion for it only grows.

I can’t imagine doing anything else.       


How It All Started

I didn't truly come to understand the power of a photograph until 2017, when I took a self-portrait while embracing my mother in her hospital bed, saying goodbye to her. The intimate exchange between us in that moment is everything to me. And when I showed my mom that photo, so full of strength, courage, and openness, she truly understood why I love doing what I do—and why I want to do it for others.

Holding my mother in her hospital bed

My mom and dad celebrating
40 years of marriage.

Wig shopping with my mom. This is where K-pop all began.

My kid and mom sharing a special moment.

here is what i love about you

My client-families value presence over perfection and are willing to let their hearts open wide in documenting their family, just as they are in this exact moment of their unique history that includes toddler defiance, teenage angst, imperfect homes, and the constellation of quirks that make them endlessly beautiful and fascinating to their future selves.

enough about me

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