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You want to express what's special and beautiful about your family's life

Honoring all that makes your family you is no small endeavor, and partnering with a stranger to accomplish that isn't easy. Listen, I know. I get that you fiercely love your favorite people and that sometimes you worry your parental hustle isn't good enough. I know you get busy, that you at times lose yourself in the mix. I know nothing is all pain or all joy. And I know you treasure it all.
I see it, and I'll reveal it in video and photographs.

Let's take this on, together

Embracing the Power of Your Unique Connection

Let's be brave and human together
to tell the story of your family's
special, everyday life.

Carmen's love and her craft are one of a kind. Trust her vision. Anything she suggests, go for it. 

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Hi, I'm Carmen

Since 2015, I've photographed families in and near my home of Alameda, California. I’ve learned that patience, humility, and gentle reassurance lead to real and honest videos and photographs that families love. I believe in humanity; it's vital to me that I show up first as a human being and second, as a filmmaker and photographer. And while I always prepare for a session, I've found the best images happen when letting moments unfold for themselves. The beauty of all that is authentic for you lies in the unexpected. Documenting this genuine story with each family is an honor.


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