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July? Really???

July 7, 2020


Oy vey. An entire season has passed since my last entry and so much has shifted in our human evolution since then. 

One minute I’m going about my normal hustle: dropping my daughter off at school, shooting client-families INDOORS and referring to face masks as something you do to minimize pores…for goodness sake, I even flew to Atlanta for a photography workshop in March! Little did I know that things would shift so drastically the minute I stepped off my return flight. 

So, here we are. Deep in SIP. My quarantine days have a kaleidoscope of moments all over the map. I’ve cried until I laughed. Laughed until I cried, and I’ve somehow rekindled my love for Cheetos in that process. Our dining room has also turned into a makeshift sewing space as I distract myself with making face masks (the Covid preventive variety). And I’ve morphed into the crazy lady that shamelessly wears her bathrobe everywhere—my pre-child/pre-pandemic self is appalled.

During this uncertainty, what I find comfort in is feeling productive. It’s necessary for my personal well being. Aside from constantly moving our same 2 lawn chairs in the backyard in the same 2 spots, I’ve also kept the promise that I made to myself at the beginning of the year and that was to give my business some TLC. Little did I know how tricky that was going to be. But 6 months later, with lots of soul searching and late nights, I finally have a website that I’m very proud of—the very one that you’re currently reading. Wahoo! In doing so, I had to take a hard look at my career —where it’s going and where it’s been. What has always been a strong current for me was capturing deep, emotional connection. In perusing my website, I hope that what is clear is my desire to just be human together—no judgement—because having that front row seat of witnessing people being just themselves is an absolute honor. 

These months have also found me listening, learning, and unlearning in a different capacity as we’re at the beginnings of a civil rights movement. It’s chaotic and messy, and participation is VITAL to create change. I’m forcing myself to be uncomfortable and talk (and sometimes even argue) with my family and friends. It’s a bit clunky, but necessary and it’s an ongoing collaborative process. This revolution is a beautiful thing to witness and I’m in awe of the transformation happening; not just in our country, but all over the world. I hope this momentum will build us a gigantic snowball of compassion and one that will help heal deep wounds. 

Whew! All this in a matter of a couple months. Crazy, isn’t it? 

Hope you join me on my next rambling. 


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Real life is more than pretty pictures.
The beauty is in the journey, and it's absolutely
worth documenting all of it. 

I’m captivated by people and always have been; my B.S. is in anthropology. Early on, I appointed myself the family documentarian, carefully recording milestones and travels and learning along the way how much I love visual storytelling. I picked up my first professional camera when my daughter was born, knowing those early years with her were precious and full of changes. A photographer friend’s encouragement soon led me to make photography my career. Today, after many years and proud accomplishments, my passion for it only grows.

I can’t imagine doing anything else.       


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