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Family Films

Are family videos for you?

You may have been asking yourself if a family film/video is right for your family. It’s a question I often think about with new clients because I truly believe every family deserves their story to be more fully preserved in a way that includes sound and movement. The big question is WHEN. Honestly, there is […]

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Family Photos

Homecoming – In-home Family Photo Session, Walnut Creek

These recent sessions are giving me ALL the feels. I’ve been documenting this family from their early parenting days when they were just a family of three to them most recently resettling into their home with another kid tucked under their wings—this same tyke who is turning one year old today. Revisiting the same humans […]

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Family Films

What is a Day in the Life session?

Have you ever wished you had a time machine to magically transport you back to a moment to relive from your childhood? I would give almost anything to revisit and re-feel what a day in my life looked like when I was little. To see how I moved and sounded. To see how my parents […]


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